1 Minute Chakra Audio Introduction

Listen and decide which chakra you would like to do a full 20 minute guided practice on.

Balance and open these subtle energy centers. Chakras work with human attributes. Get rid of mental emotional blocks, improve health, and more.

Working on subtle energy centers brings progress and growth in your life. They reveal and unfold more than you’re expecting.

Once you decide if you want to do a single or all seven chakras, I’ll personally send you the full audio files via email after you’ve made the purchase.

Audios were created to balance the chakras on your own. Do the 20 minute daily practice. Get familiar with each one.

Practice as many times as you want.

When you’re ready, book one-to-one private sessions.

20 Minute Chakra Balance Audio Practice

  • Single audio – $10
  • Package deal all seven audios – $50

Get full audios today. Pay using below options. After payment please send an email to info@amodernyogi.ca so I can send you the audios.

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