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Master Your Life With Chakra Balancing

Chakra connected to human attributes Chakra colours and how they make you feel Chakra location in the body Chakra beej mantras Master energy locks Mahabandh. Throat lock, stomach lock and root lock. Yoga connected to chakra Breath-work BONUS: Discounted – Intuitive reading. Find out energy blocks within the psychic body. This helps you alongside your practice. BONUS: Instructions for home practice (email communication).

Medical Intuition/Intuitive Counselling

Medical Intuition/Intuitive Counselling is alternative medicine. As a practitioner, I use my self-intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition through the use of insight. In addition healing is provided.

Badass Breathing

Breathing is pretty badass! Without it we’re not alive. Breathing exercises proper name, Pranayama makes you better in the world. Its the bridge between you and spiritual connection. More benefits: better sleep, better digestion, relaxation, detox, confidence, spiritual connect, and connect to yourself. Breath-work is a simple science-based approach that works.

Physical Yoga & Breathing

A combination of yoga movements for all body types and fitness levels. Start with standing foundation poses. Gain mind-body balance. Deeper connection with self, and increase flexibility. Yoga tones and strengthens muscles with longer posture holds while working with your breath. Restorative yoga practice for those looking to slow down, stretch, and reduce body pain.

Couples Connect

Breath-work, yoga, positive affirmations, and spiritual connection are all part of this session.
Create heart space to deepen your love for each other.
Build trust and support, give and receive, balance body and breath and have fun.
The after effect…there’s room for a better relationship.

Corporate Yoga

Improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being at the workplace. Whether your job demands you to sit all day or you’re on the move, yoga at work is working for you. It’s important to create movement throughout the workday. Movements include breath-work, chair and standing yoga. Group sessions can be done on-site or live-video. Reach out to discuss pricing and scheduling.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra rests the mind and body deeply. Explore the state of meditation while lying down without falling asleep. Leading you through 61 points of relaxation with breath-work. Soar to the heights of spiritual wisdom. Improve health. Gain peace of mind. Happier days. Be successful and God connection. Meditation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system; a restful state of rest and digest. Calm the active mind to take you inwards for answers.

Energy Healing

Protect your energy field. We get bombarded with negative situations or people, shake it off with an energy healing session.
Bring your light and good vibes back.
Energy healing also works on physical and emotional pain.

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